Global Events

3 Day Conference featuring Guest Laureate


    • VoiceHive partnered with a global  program where they held a two day conference in a city and university  in various cities including: Mexicali, Mexico, Banglore, India and Prague, Czech Republic, Malaysia
    • VoiceHive provided a registration tool for attendees prior to the conference with an incentive to register early.
    • At the conference VoiceHive provided Q&A tool for Laureate presentation where there were 2000 attendees in the auditorium and another 1000 watching online.  Questions were moderated and presented in real time on stage
    • All speakers and presenters verbally directed attendees to engage using VoiceHive.  The URL remained the same for all events as did the layout and branding, keeping consistency and making execution via the web seamless.



    • Having obtained the contact information from the registration, an email communication was set up to regularly update and remind attendees of various events at the conference, encouraging engagement. One particular successful element was after a Career Panel discussion to engineering students, they filled in a questionnaire to be entered into a drawing for a prize and we had 100% attendee participation!
    • We also set up a Scavenger Hunt gamification element were over 60% of the registered attendees on VoiceHive were motivated to visit the Exhibits and web content as part of the game.
    • All data and content collected was relayed to  marketing and communications teams in real time.

      Over 600 attendees participated in the engagement via VoiceHive for the event in Mexicali.

Winfield Academy

Full Day of Education and Accreditation
across 10 U.S Cities in 5 months and National Conference



  • Import all attendees from registration and facilitate on-site additions via an admin log-in
  • Duplicate template structure for all 1o cities with facilitation for different content updated in real time
  • Accommodate and manage tracking of session attendance for CEU accreditation
  • On-site support to facilitate speaker requests for live QA and polling when requested
  • Engage event sponsors with measurable results
  • Provide real time data and results to attendees and executives



  • Full admin access provided for on-site staff that facilitated up to 30% of on-site attendees
  • Real time construct and execution of polling tools for speakers
  • 100% attendee engagement and use
  • Full statistical report to sponsors providing measurable data
  • Stats and feedback provided to management within 24 hours of each event

Perioperative Medical Summit

5 Day Conference Registration, Website and Audience Interaction Project



  • Perioperative Medical Summit needed a complete website overhaul, a registration site and before the event an interactive platform for the attendees to use for engagement and feedback
  • The website was completed and included a full registration site.  In addition, there was a portal provided for content submissions and access to summit content available for download.
  • An expected 2000 visitors had to be accommodated and updates needed to be initiated in real time
  • Audience response tool was added a week before the summit under the same URL

periop site

periop tool



  • All registrations were processed in real time and with full reports without any hiccups
  • Over 20,000 visits to the site over the course of 5 months with over 150 real time updates
  • During the conference, every single session had full interaction with live Q&A and polling
  • Post event content posted the last day of the event to ensure continued “conversations” post event
  • The one-stop solution for website, registration and event audience interaction ensured the same tool booked for next year.

Jameson VIP Interactive Sponsorship

Jameson increased sales by partnering with VoiceHive for the Irish Fair of Minnesota.

Jameson logo


  • Attendees were invited to log into a VoiceHive site to register to win a chance to have a shot of Jameson with the band live on stage in front of 20,000 people.
  • Upon registering, a thank you message encouraged the attendee to visit the Jameson booth for a discount on products.
  • An invitation to check in on social media was also provided.

 Jameson phone image  Jameson Crowd Jameson Banner


  • 38% increase in Jameson sales from the previous year
  • 160% increase in Facebook and Twitter activity related to the Festival
  • Thousands of registrations provided valuable demographic information
  • A positive and easy interaction for the attendees
  • Easily executed and logistically simple

Stone Arch Bridge Festival

Listings of vendors and artists, along with maps, and a survey were provided.



  • 3 day art fesitval
  • Highlighted sponsors with interactive banners
  • All mobile traffic directed to VoiceHive event site
  • Event surveys
  • Prize drawing
  • Vendor and artist directorys
  • Event map



  • Over 23,000 hits on the site in 3 days
  • Over 700 surveys completed with real time results available to event hosts
  • One click prize winner drawings
  • Useful analytics obtained from page view, surveys, and sponsor interaction data
  • Fire and forget setup and implementation
  • Many clicks on sponsor banners lead to happy sponsors!

Nike Training Club Registration

Email blasts were used to fuel registration and interest.


  • Provide a simple way for people to learn about and sign up for Nike Training Club sessions
  • Limit the number of people per session
  • Implement automated email blasts to remind people about the event and encourage them to join



  • Email blasts proved to be effective in boosting registrations
  • Useful data collected about registrants which led to increasing registration numbers as events progressed
  • Real time access to registration and email blast results were provided
  • The registration and email tool proved to be a low effort, high gain, solution to our client

Minneapolis St Paul Magazine Taste! Wine Event

Attendees accumulated a list of favorite wines for later reference.


  • Digitize the entire wine and beer guide for the event complete
  • Allow attendees to record their favorite beer or wine
  • Allow attendees to record tastings notes
  • Use existing data sources to import the beer and wine data
  • Determine a best of show beer and wine
  • Allow for last minute updates to beer and wine listings

wine1 wine2 wine3


  • Attendees simply needed to enter their email address to gain access to the wine and beer guide.
  • Event host saved more on printing costs than the interactive VoiceHive site cost them.
  • An option was offered to save all your own personal favorites to you own Favorites page.
  • Vendors were able update their information right up to and during the event.
  • Data regarding what wines and beers were favored was provided to event host and vendors.
  • The guide is still available to the attendees as a shopping guide, available for reference when they need it.